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Here’s 5 reasons why Hirium is the best hiring solution for growing businesses.

Unlock clarity and action steps with our insightful reports

Easy-to-understand reports that help you stay on top of the most important hiring metrics.

  • Performance metrics to see how the hiring team is performing.
  • Process insights to understand what is working and what is not.
  • Comparison reports to see how business is improving.
  • Decision Data insights to see where to put focus.
why hirium features
why hirium features

Revamp Your Recruitment with Hirium's AI

All essential recruitment insights, just a click away.

  • Spot the Best: Our AI identifies the top 10 candidates from thousands.
  • Skip the Hassle: Let our AI handle the resume screening for you.
  • Quality over Quantity: Spend your time with only the most promising candidates.
  • Smart Learning, Smart Hiring: Our AI helps you hire right, considering factors like experience, loyalty, and career stage.

Track Candidate Progress with Ease

Effortlessly monitor candidate progress with our intuitive, real-time tracking system

  • Streamlined Tracking: One-click tracking of all candidate activities.
  • Unified Interface: All candidates' progress in one clear view.
  • Instant Updates: Real-time progress reports for all candidates.
  • Efficient Management: Time and effort-saving candidate process management.
why hirium features
why hirium features

Promote Your Brand with a Tailored Career Page

Showcase your brand with a custom-built career page, designed for easy navigation and engaging content to attract top talent

  • Personalized Design: Reflect your brand through a customised career page.
  • Easy Navigation: User-friendly, intuitive design for potential candidates.
  • Highlight Opportunities: Prominently display your open roles.
  • Engaging Content: Share about your team and culture to attract talents.

Outstanding Support: Free, Smooth Migration of Your Talent Pool

Seamless, secure, and free migration of your talent pool with our dedicated support.

  • Hassle-Free Migration: We transfer your talent pool at no cost.
  • Dedicated Assistance: Our team's there for you throughout the migration.
  • Data Integrity: Secure transfer of all candidate information.
  • Smooth Transition: Shift to our platform with zero disruption.
why hirium features

The simple way to manage hiring

Everything you need to keep things organised and make your team more productive

The simple way to manage hiring

Resume Parsing

Hirium automatically extracts and organises information from resumes, such as contact details, skills, work history, and education.

The simple way to manage hiring

Candidate Database

Maintain a centralised database of candidate profiles within the Hirium system, including resumes, applications, and notes.

The simple way to manage hiring

Automated Screening

Apply predefined criteria in Hirium to screen and shortlist applicants based on qualifications, experience, or other requirements.

The simple way to manage hiring

Interview Management

Schedule and manage interviews in Hirium, send reminders to candidates and interviewers, and record interview feedback.

The simple way to manage hiring

Workflow Automation

Streamline and automate recruitment process , such as sending automated email responses, updating candidate statuses, or generating reports.

The simple way to manage hiring

Data Security

Hirium ensures compliance with data protection regulations and implements security measures to safeguard candidate information.

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